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Kendra Frautnick

Therapeutic Support Specialist

"Our daughter was having issues with anxiety, separation, crying, and social skills. Basically, she was flunking at daycare: crying continuously for hours to the point where our provider had exhausted all strategies to calm her down. We didn't have a diagnosis, but we really needed immediate help. We hired Kendra to help our daughter with her anxieties and process her emotions more positively. Kendra was a great second set of eyes and ears. Her observations were vital in getting our daughter her emotional equilibrium back (or, as close to equilibrium as a preschooler can get.) After we moved from our old daycare to a new facility, Kendra was able to act as a bridge between the two and help our daughter process all the new experiences. We highly recommend her services."

~Parent, Oakland, Ca

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“Kendra Frautnick worked with my son, who has high functioning autism, for over two years.  Kendra has a naturally fun and energetic personality, and my son clearly loved working with her.  Kendra really knows her stuff.  She has extensive experience in working with kids on the spectrum, and you could see that in the plethora of engaging activities, games and motivational systems she developed for my son.  He grew tremendously under her guidance. Kendra was also very helpful to me in developing strategies to target my son's unique challenges.  Kendra is tactful and collaborative and worked very effectively with the other professionals on my son's treatment team, including his school aide.  She is unfailingly professional and a delight to work with.  After five years of working with many therapists for my son, there is no one I would recommend more highly than Kendra!”

~Parent, Piedmont, California

Kendra has supported our 6 year old son who was diagnosed with "a learning disorder with a social pragmatic component” for 2 years with regular push-in therapy.  Her experience and gentle, intuitive approach have helped him immensely with handling difficulties in social settings. 

When we started with Kendra, our son would only play by himself.  Thanks to her help, he now has the tools and confidence to positively interact with his peers.

~Parents in Oakland, California

“Kendra is an accurate and careful observer of behavior, as well as an intuitive thinker about overall development and strategies to overcome challenges to further growth.  Her interactions with children are loving, caring, calm, confident and wise.  She is able to challenge students while scaffolding learning and supporting sensory, language, and emotional constraints.  She is very responsive to parents, including them in the intervention process,quickly gaining the respect and admiration.  She is a professional and exceptional therapeutic support specialist.”

~Anna Vagin, PhD

 Speech and Language Pathologist and Author

Helen Keller had Anne Sullivan, my grandson has Kendra.”

                           ~Grandparent, Oakland, California