Kendra Frautnick

Therapeutic Support Specialist

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Serving the East Bay and Surrounding Bay Areas

Home Support

I specialize in integrating your child into therapeutic learning sessions. I provide in home structured and play-based Floortime® and developmental-based therapeutic learning sessions to aid social awareness, connecting to others, language and social guidance with peers, family and community interactions, sensory integration and body regulation, school readiness and support, and more.

The home program may also include facilitated play dates, community outings, joint therapeutic sessions, or as a support in any number of situations that impact the child.

School Support

I provide in-school support through daily or intermittent school shadowing of the child.
My role as a school shadow with your child is to help them become as independent as possible in the school setting.  I do not replace the teacher or peers, but rather act as a bridge to support social interactions, processing and language delays, and to teach your child to read the cues from the classroom, teacher and peers independently. I use a variety of modalities to accomplish this goal, all the while keeping it fun and respecting teachers, staff and the school philosophy.

Inclusion Consultant

I work with school faculty as an Inclusion Consultant.  I help Teachers and Directors find ways to provide support to students with special needs and social challenges, helping to ensure students can succeed in the classroom.

Social Groups

I lead Social Groups. These groups are designed to help children and teens understand being part of a group, gain friendship skills, understand emotions of others and self, learn fundamental play skills and life skills, and emerging social skills needed as they grow, mature, and navigate this social world. These groups offer an opportunity for connecting and having social experiences that many neurodivergent children miss out on.

It Works!

In my sessions with the child, I use affect, cueing, and gestural communication to advance symbolic play, conversation and other areas of relating.  This helps the child build on their capacity to express their needs, desires, feelings, affects, and ideas.  I also help facilitate motor development through various fun gross motor and fine motor activities that encourage sensory organization, regulation, postural control, motor control, and functional skills.

Experience Matters

I have experience with children on the Autism Spectrum, who have Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), PDD NOS, ADD/ADHD, Non Verbal Learning Disorder, Sensory Integration Challenges, motor challenges, language delays, processing delays, apraxia, dyspraxia, anxieties, constrictions, phobic tendencies and rigidities, and more.  I am always sensitive to parent's individual differences as well.