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One-on-one support
Social Skills Groups

I am a non-licensed Therapeutic Support Specialist (TSS) in the Bay Area who is dedicated to social facilitation, Floortime® & aiding children on the Autism spectrum or with other challenges of relating and communicating.
Kendra Frautnick, TSS provides integrated developmental support for multi-sensory disorders and challenges.


Support For

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Kendra Frautnick

Therapeutic Support Specialist

In Home
At School

My work is individualized for your child.  I work independently as well as within an existing team of therapists. I implement customized therapeutic programs and social facilitation through recommendations of Speech and Language Pathologists, Behavioral Therapists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Developmental Pediatricians, Teachers, Program Supervisors and others.


Serving the East Bay and Surrounding Bay Areas